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Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Reviews 2022

While looking for the best commercial shaved ice machine, you must first acknowledge that these are miles apart from their smaller counterparts that are intended for domestic use. A commercial snow cone machine has a larger ice hopper, more durable blades, higher shaving capacity, generally has a higher power consumption and of course is costlier. If you’re considering to invest in one for your business, flicking through some reliable commercial shaved ice machine reviews would help you keep your investment secured for an extended period of time.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide after hours of research and one-to-one interaction with commercial snow cone machine owners for their genuine suggestions. All the relevant information that we could gather has been systematically presented in the buying guide section later in the article. Similarly, we have a separate list of chewy sonic-style ice makers too, if that’d be something you’re interested in. If you’re here only for our top recommendations, here’s a list of the 5 best commercial shaved ice machines in 2022.

5 Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

1. Paragon Simply-A-Blast Sno Cone Machine

  • Extremely durable; made from stainless steel and aluminized metal
  • 500 pounds of shaved ice per hour shaving capacity
  • 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM high-performance motor
  • Comes with removable slanted drain, a 3” drain tube and scoop
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The machine weighs 50 pounds with no handles

Ideal for commercial applications, this heavy-duty professional shaved ice maker is one tough machine. With sturdy aluminized metal construction and a high-performance motor, the ice shaver handles the busiest of snow making requirements with extreme ease. To give you a rough estimate of the performance standard, the commercial shaved ice machine can produce 500 pounds of snow per hour at peak performance.

Besides sustained impeccable performance, the commercial machine displays a thoughtful build aiding in convenient handling of the machine. The snow container panels are made of clear and durable tempered glass. The base has a removable slanted drain made of food grade plastic that extends to a 36” drain tube at the rear of the container. The drain pipe is included with the purchase alongside the slanted drain and a servicing scoop. Further, the safety switch ensures protection against accidental startups.

The heavy-duty commercial grade performance however brings some usual downsides. The machine measures over a hefty 50 pounds. Meaning, it could be a bit difficult for you to manoeuvre it all alone. Adding to it, there aren’t any handles on the machine which could make it even more challenging.

2. Great Northern Premium Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

  • Costs as less as half of other commercial ice shaving machines
  • Durable construction; made with ABS plastic, brass and stainless steel
  • Makes 6 pounds of shaved ice per minute
  • Heavy duty 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM motor
  • Adjustable steel blade; gives control over texture of ice shavings
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Open access to blade, might cause cuts if used carelessly

Keeping the quality right at industry-best standards, this premium ice shaver machine costs you a great deal less than the machine from paragon. While a lesser cost does reduce the shaving capacity of the shaved iced machine by a notch; we believe that most people with small businesses could get away with it. As opposed to the humungous 500 lbs/hr capacity of the Paragon Simply-A-Blast, the Great Northern Premium peaks at 350 lbs of fluffy shaved ice per hour. By calculation, it comes down to a decent 6 pound/minute output.  

Coming down to the quality of construction, the exterior of the ice shaver is made from impact resistant ABS grade plastic. This design tweak unlike a full metallic construction contributes significantly towards reducing the cost of the machine. All moving parts including the ones that come in contact with the ice block, are either made with brass or stainless steel. Overall, the machine’s build quality is highly durable – in lines with commercial application requisites.

As evident, the machine uses ice blocks and not ice cubes as with some other models in this list. However, you need not purchase any custom containers to set the ice block. Any water jug or other container less than 8” in diameter does the job while you keep the height of the ice block less than 6.5”.  Further, the stainless-steel blade that the ice block sits over is adjustable. Unlike fully automatic variants, this one gives you a bit of a control over the texture of ice shavings.

3. Little Snowie Premium Commercial Snow Cone Machine

  • Compact and portable; ideal for small foodstalls and canteens
  • High-powered motor and durable 301 hardened steel blades deliver fast and consistent fluffy snow
  • Comes with 6 free sample sized syrup bottles and 8 dishwasher safe shovel spoons
  • Safe operation; the machine only starts once the lid is completely secured
  • Uses regular ice
  • Super easy to use
  • Convenient access to info through their YouTube and website
  • A bit noisy
  • Drips water on prolonged usage

Combining a robust built with commendable portability, the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver machine is a rather versatile pick. Meaning, due to its compact size and light weight, it makes a great fit for your kitchen countertop, backyard parties, pool gatherings and tailgates. While the snow cone machine is marketed as a premium option for home use, the ice shaver’s strong motor and consistent high yielding performance makes it a good option for snow cone stalls and canteens.

Among other heavy-duty ice shaver machines, Little Snowie is renowned for being the fastest. A commercial grade 1000-watt motor complemented with sturdy 301 grade hardened steel blade primes the shaved ice machine to give out fluffy snow in record 3 seconds! Further, the shaver takes regular ice cubes right out of your freezer and doesn’t require special shaped cubes to function.

What makes it an even better fit for instances requiring repetitive and continuous usage is the built-in dome shaper. You simply stick your snow cone or any cup at the outlet and press against the shaper to shape your perfect dome top all while filling the snow cone. With the speed of the motor, you’d be getting shaved ice cones ready in under 3 seconds.

4. VivoHome Electric Commercial Ice Shaver

  • Cost-effective commercial grade ice shaving machine
  • Durable heavy-duty construction; made from stainless steel and thickened acrylic
  • Peak performance of 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Manageable weight at around 35 lbs
  • Heat vents to dissipate heat effectively
  • Some buyers complain about missing parts; gets resolved though

Visually identical to our top pick, the paragon Simply-A-Blast; this one follows similar standards in terms of consistent commercial grade performance. While it’s a reliable budget option for commercial applications, it doesn’t quite match up to the extraordinary build quality of our top pick. But, as mentioned, the shaved ice machine sure gives you enough value for the price you pay.

Unlike its costlier alternative, the storage container is a thickened acrylic case. The design lacks a metallic frame if we consider the top pick as a durability standard for this design. Secondly, the motor power is decent having the blades rotate at 1400 RPM and giving you a peak output of 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour. Comparing this to the paragon Simply-A-Blast, the difference is virtually negligible.

There are some additional features in this commercial ice shaving machine that make it stand out though. The machine is designed with two rows of heat vents that help keep the motor cool and primed for heavy continual usage. Second, the power switch is water resistant and hence safe to use. In addition, the shaved ice machine has non-slip rubber feet that keep it steady at its place.

5. ZENY Portable Ice Shaver Machine

  • Most economical model if you have a lesser usage
  • Completely built from stainless steel
  • Weighs mere 11 lbs
  • Compact size; easy storage; convenient transportation
  • Rust-free, highly durable construction
  • Less ice shaving capacity for a full-fledged commercial snow cone machine

For our readers that require a versatile shaved ice machine for their homes that also works for occasional commercial applications, we think this portable ice shaver works wonders at the fraction of other models’ price. Starting off, the compact ice shaver is completely made from stainless steel and no other material whatsoever. This implies that the shaver is naturally durable and easy to maintain.

Next, the shaving capacity of this smaller prototype is just right for regular household usage. At a peak output of 145 lbs of shaved ice per hour, the ice shaver can also be very effectively used at parties, pool gatherings and family tailgates. Another amazing benefit of a smaller commercial grade snow cone machine is the manageable weight. Unlike their heavier counterparts with storage cases, this compact gizmo weighs mere 11 lbs and arguably outworks overpriced models in this capacity.

The feed hopper receives standard ice cubes and the machine only starts when the lid is completely secured. The outlet then gives out fluffy snow in the 7” stainless steel bowl. One ice shaving cycle gives out enough snow to fill a regular sized snow cone.

How to Buy the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

What Makes a Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Different?

Shaved ice is one of the favorite refreshments of most of the people regardless of age and gender, especially during the harsh summer days. Closely resembling flake ice, shaved ice is liked by all that enjoy soft, chewy sonic-style ice. To scrape a big block of ice with a knife is quite a task, therefore, many individuals tend to buy shaved ice machine for their home usage or to serve a few snow cones at home kid’s parties. But there is a huge difference in serving just a few cones and serving 100s of them at events or food truck. To create large volumes of shaved ice at one time you would require a commercial snow cone machine which is comparatively costlier. 

There are a lot of aspects that make commercial grade shaved ice machine different from all the other regular ice machines manufactured for home-usage. The factors incorporate size, blade quality, shaving capacity, weight, durability and power consumption. They are mostly purchased by food truck owners and another businessman who sell shaved ice cones on a large scale. Therefore, you must analyse your requirements before making an investment.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Commercial Snow Cone Machine

best commercial shaved ice machine

1. Weight and Size

Size and weight are the two requisite aspects that determine the portability of a machine. If you own a restaurant or food stall, then a large and heavy ice shaver machine will be a suitable choice for you. It won’t be a problem if you choose a bulky design as you don’t have to move it every now and then.

On the contrary, if you own a food truck or engage in various events, then you should consider selecting a small and lightweight machine that features a compact design so that you can move it with ease. 

2. Power Consumption

If you want your business to work more conveniently and profitably and your inclinations are towards an energy-saving machine, then look into the amount of power consumed by the machine per hour.

This is the second most vital factor to consider in ice shaving machines, as they devour a great amount of power. On the off chance that you own an ice cream truck or frequently participate in events, at that point you won’t have an immediate connection with power sources. Hence, you would require a machine that consumes a lesser amount of energy as it will save expenses and proves to be convenient simultaneously.

3. Ice Shaving Capacity

It is the most crucial factor to consider as it is the only useful purpose you are looking for, so you would definitely want it to work precisely. The shaving capacity determines the amount of shaved ice a machine can produce during one operation. You should choose the one that produces enough volume of shaved ice that can be distributed in one batch of your customers. Whenever you go for a purchase you can either ask the manufacture regarding the shaving capacity of a specific machine or you can simply read the description provided on the box.

4. Motor Power

The power of a motor can make a huge difference in producing large amounts of shaved ice. You should lookout for a heavy-duty powerful motor which consumes less or moderate power. It can produce a large amount of shaved ice in a relatively short time while being an energy saver at the same time. On the other hand, a powerful motor having good HP has the tendency to cut ice cubes into smaller pieces with much ease. So, take a look at the motor power during the purchase and choose the one that meets all the mentioned characteristics.

5. Blade Type

The durability of an ice shaving machine relies upon its blades and the system utilized in the machine to mix or shave the ice. Try to make it conceivable that you buy an ice shaving machine that has stainless steel sharp blades, which help the client to make delicate and cushioned ice within seconds. These sorts of blades are moderately enduring and work quickly to meet your demands. Try not to put resources into an item that has defective blades or normal ones since they won’t run over the long haul and disillusion you without a doubt.

6. Warranty

Look out for the shaved ice machine brands that offer elongated warranted periods to their customers. This will help you save money if you get any issues with the machine in the long run. Additionally, search for the manufacturers that offer great service as well. The extended warranty period from the side of the seller gives you the confidence and trust that you are investing your money in something valuable. Considering this particular factor is quite essential as the absence of machine from your food business can affect the profit and status negatively.


Making an absolute choice while acquiring a commercial ice shaving machine can make a tremendous influence on your food business. The selection may seem a daunting task at first unless you concentrate on the above-mentioned factors.

Also, before investing, do online research and search for some authentic commercial shaved ice machine sellers that offer elongated warranty periods along with the best service. Always converge on purchasing the one that satisfies your demands and preferences rather than just falling for the ones that have got modern aesthetics. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to make an impactful purchase.

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